The Crew



 VIP Player Host at Santa Anita Park + Radio Host 

Seminar Skip


Long Time Horse Player + Analyst

Bandstand Hal


TML's Own Comedian + Beer Shout Out Specialist

About Us

Our Past

Long before Bandstand Hal was dancing to his Facebook Live viewers on TML, the AM 830 airwaves were occupied for over 30 years by the one and only Roger Stein Show.

Roger, a former trainer, had a loyal listener base long before our reality was even a pipe dream. There were big shoes to fill from the man who gave his listeners the “Window to the Backstretch of Southern California Racing.”

In order to get our feet wet and our foot in the Angels radio door, Chappy and George O, who has since moved on,  started off doing the show from the “not so coveted” 7-7:30 slot on Saturday mornings.

We created a healthy living show on from 7:30-8 A.M., it wasn’t exactly the perfect spot to gain a large audience in a hurry in the horse racing and sports world we were targeting.

We stuttered, stammered and took a few hard knocks in learning how this radio gig was supposed to go. But we loved every minute of it and were determined to get this thing off the ground.

Our Present

Our opportunity came when Roger decided to step down after all of those years entertaining his audience and hang up his tack in the business.

Luckily for us, we had made enough of an impression to get the offer to take on this coveted time slot and extend the show from a half hour to a full hour, with that audience Roger had built for all of those years.

I’m sure it took a little getting used to with some of his seasoned listeners, but we have had our own light hearted style from jump street. It’s how we roll and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Enter Seminar Skip and Bandstand Hal. With these personalities it was sink or swim. We think the difference in our thoughts, delivery and style has meshed into a show that not only gives you some very good information every week, but also keeps you highly entertained. We may get off the beaten path once in a while, but that’s OK, and that’s what we think makes the show our own.

Chappy has worked in the industry for over 20 years and likes to keep it light, get good info out of our guests, and of course get a nice jab in once in a while.

Seminar Skip, a professional horse player, adds a calming effect to this otherwise raucous bunch and brings a wealth  of information and preparation each and every week.

Bandstand Hal. WOW, where do we start? Always the man who wears the loud shirts, loves to make fun of (some more than others thank god) our guests, and the hair… well, that’s another story in itself. (See Facebook Live for proof). Bandstand has also taken the show to new heights, adding Facebook live and our monthly mixers as well. He is a man we like to poke fun at but he works hard and has turned into the man everyone wants to meet. He also hopes each and every one of them buys him a cold one.

Our Future

Our outlook for the future is to add more high profile guests, reach more people, continue to provide you with a light hearted and entertaining look at horse racing and sports while giving out a few winners.

And at the end of the hour, we hope we have put a smile on a few people’s faces.